Busy busy!! / Occupée occupée!!

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Hello everyone,

I hope this blog finds you all doing well.

I am extremely busy at this time. There is so much to do to prepare for an album launch even if you have a record label; manager and promo person!

Not only do you have to provide everyone on your team with all the info including the music. But there is preparing the band, organizing the rehearsals, the set list; deciding the wardrobe image; remembering to invite everyone; personal promo; following up on contacts for gigs for the band and not to mention practicing the drums.

The cost is also a major factor to the success of a launch. It’s very expensive to do it independantly and correct. All of this while continuing all my other activities has me utilising every minute of the day and night cautiously.

This is not at all a blog of complaining. I happily choose to take on all of this. I just want to share a bit of what my life is like during this time.

This album comes out March 23 and there will be a pre release available soon!

Have a blessed day!


Bonjour à tous,

Ca va bien?

Je suis très très occupée à cette moment. C’est beaucoup de chose du fait pour un album sortie. Si tu as une maison disc; manager et attaché press,  c’est encore resté plein chose.

Moi je organisé les musiciens; la musique arrangements; set list; donner mon équipe toute les informations; decide la vitement; souvenir toute des persons d invité; plein des petite details et bien sur faire du training de le batterie! ce plus mon vie normal quest très plein aussi.

Et le prix financièrement est pas une blague. Mais toute ici son pas une complaint. Jai accepter cette boulot avec plaisir. Je voudrez just vous montre cette period du moi vie.

L album sortie le 23 Mars et plut tôt pour des albums dédicace bientôt!

Du paix

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