Peace and Serenity
Inspiration for this CD was Margie Beale, Larry’s godmother and aunt. While she was battling cancer, she and Larry discussed things that helped her get through difficult days. This CD was to be one of them. Unfortunately, she passed away two weeks before the recording took place. Deeply saddened by her loss and hurt that he was not able to help his beloved aunt, this CD almost became a secret that only he and his aunt knew. However, Larry thought that he must keep his promise to her and that there must be people in the world that could benefit from it. Although this CD was to help someone fight cancer, it can certainly help people with lesser struggles and difficult days. I t is in this spirit that this project is made and offered to you the listener. Enjoy. Larry Crockett has been practicing meditation for 15 years. He has studied with respected and world-renowned teachers and masters.


My Wish
This CD is very different from Be Somebody (below). First off, Larry composes and sings lead vocals on the majority of the songs. You get to hear his musical and soulful roots—especially on tracks such as Daddy O, Black Boy and My Wish. With this CD Larry lets you into his world and life through his music and lyrics. Special guests lend their support and add extra flavor to this jazzy/soul CD. With these guests Larry is able to explore music that is not a typical CD as such. A reggae version of Davy Crockett with new lyrics is funny and grooving. Ali-Mu, a young rising rap star who happens to be Larry’s cousin, helps out on a rockin’ rap tune called The Game. Guests include: Popa Chubby, Penny Wells, Eric Bibb and Billy Hector.


Be Somebody
Crock Pott is one of Larry’s nicknames but also the name of his first CD as a bandleader. This CD features classic R&B/jazz popular in the black community during Larry’s upbringing. The familiarity and joy comes through the music and arrangements—the mixture of soul and jazz—show casing wonderful musicians.